6 domestic staff released as police detain Davido son, Ifeanyi’s nanny, cook, moves for autopsy

Six domestic staff has been released as the police detain Davido son, Ifeanyi’s nanny and cook, as moves for autopsy.

A source who spoke on the current situation in the Adeleke family after the demise Ifeanyi has said, it is a standard procedure for law enforcement agencies such as police to conduct an autopsy in a situation like Ifeanyi’s own but will act on the will of the family for their planned actions.

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“Though the family members are not saying anything yet because they are still in shock but until anybody says stop, the standard procedure is to conduct an autopsy and we are going to follow that procedure just like in any case of death.”

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“It was the work of the nanny to take care of the child (Ifeanyi); the nanny was negligent or how could the boy have left the house without her knowledge?

“The boy left the house, walked to the back where the swimming pool is situated and fell into the swimming pool. Nobody noticed until much later. At that point in time, he had drowned and was at the bottom of the swimming pool.”

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