“ I’ve been called to be a minister of God, While you’re discussing how many wives I married”, Yul Edochie

Nigerian actor, Yul Edochie has disclosed that he has a calling from God to be a minister. This news has sparked conversations online.

Yul followed the news with another post purporting to advise his fellow Africans specifically Nigerians to take note about the level of indebtedness to the African.

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Edochie asserted that the call recently became more insistent, and he is now persuaded that the time has arrived for him to follow the summons.

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He claimed to have realized that God had given him total prosperity so that he might utilize it to spread the gospel and that he would use the remaining days of his life to accomplish that goal.

Good morning ladies & gentlemen.
Hope you’re all doing good today.
So while many of you are busy monitoring & discussing how many women Yul Edochie married and why he shouldn’t marry them which is not your business, China has concluded plans to take over many African countries including Nigeria.
And if that happens we simply become slaves again.
According to reports, China has given large amount of loans to Nigeria and many other African countries and the agreement says, ‘Failing to pay back the loans China will take over XYZ in your country’.
Right now China has started building police stations and Army bases in some African countries.
It’s only a matter of time, God forbid, Nigerians will become slaves to Chinese in our own country.
These are some of the discussions we should be having in all platforms, day and night, and find ways to charge our leaders to wake up and work out means to repay these loans else we are finished.
I say make I give una update.
Have a beautiful day.

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