Meet Jessikah Inabah, Britain’s first black blind barrister

After five years of studies at a University in London, Jessikah Inabah becomes the first black blind barrister at the age of 23.

Jessikah made history last week after completing her Braille course and became the UK’s first black blind barrister.

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In an interview with Times, Inabah said, “I know I can do this job well, and the more people like me who go through training the easier it will become. I know I’m giving hope to others in similar situations.”

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Jessikah Inabah was born in Lewisham. She began her journey as a law student in September 2017. She also undertook a professional development course.

Jessikah suffers bilateral microphthalmia. Those with this condition are born with smaller eyes than average.

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