New CNN Documentary Investigates Who Inherited Eddie Fisher’s Fortune

A new documentary by CNN investigates who inherited Eddie Fisher’s fortune. Despite his wealth, the actor left behind a messy succession plan. Even though Fisher had a living trust, he did not fully fund it when he passed away. To place his non-trust assets into the trust, the current trustee must petition the Los Angeles Superior Court to have his estate probated. If the court accepts the petition, the remaining assets will be sold off one by one.

Aside from Debbie Fisher inheriting his intellectual property and image rights, Debbie Fisher will also get the proceeds from the sale of the actor’s $18 million Beverly Hills estate. The houses Debbie Fisher and her husband bought separately are being sold together. Real estate agent Williams & Williams is handling the Fisher estate. But if Debbie Fisher dies, who will inherit the money? What assets will be inherited? This question will be answered soon.

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Debbie Reynolds’ estate was named to Billie Lourd. However, Carrie Fisher died without inheriting her money from her mother. The actress’s estate is now worth an estimated $100 million to $150 million. Meanwhile, Debbie Reynolds’s estate includes her Beverly Hills home and her mom’s Beverly Hills mansion. Debbie Reynolds’s ranch, owned by the actress, has been listed for $3.9 million. The studio sold prior to the auction, and when it was listed again for $4.2 million in June, it failed to attract a buyer.

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