“Stop with the cover up, Hanks isn’t okay so let’s allow him get help now before it’s too late”, Adanma Luke

Another Nollywood actress by name Adanma Luke has come out to tag her colleagues to speak out the truth about the real predicament of Hanks Anuku so as to get help for him.

The actress on social media commented on the disturbing video believed to be that of veteran actor, Hank Anuku which actress San George shared a video of herself and Hanks to prove he’s fine.

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Adanma Luke, through an Instagram story opined that Hanks isn’t doing well and called on her colleagues to speak out so they can collectively extend a helping hand to the actor.

After an alleged video of Hanks Anuku, actor, Shan George came out to say she was on set with Hanks three days ago and the actor is fine but Adamna thinks otherwise.

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She wrote “Pls you all nollywood peeps should stop with the lies when you know the truth. He isn’t okay so let him get help now that the world knows. Stop with the cover up if he was your blood you would have helped but now that the world is about to find out the truth you all try to hide it. Hank isn’t okay so let’s allow him get help now before it’s too late.”

“Stop with the cover up, Hanks isn't okay so let's allow him get help now before it's too late”, Adanma Luke

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