Who Inherited Lizzie Borden’s Estate?

There is still a lot of uncertainty over who inherited Lizzie Borden’s estate. The infamous serial killer’s father was a wealthy property developer. Despite this, Lizzie Borden remained unmarried. In fact, she was active in many organizations and served as secretary or treasurer. Despite her considerable wealth, she remained unmarried. The estate of her father is now worth over $8 million USD.

In 1893, Lizzie bought a 4,000-square-foot mansion in Maplecroft, Massachusetts. It featured eight bedrooms, four bathrooms and six fireplaces. After the murder, Lizzie adopted the name Lizbeth. She continued to attend the church of aristocratic families. Andrew, on the other hand, was a shady businessman. He rejected all outside suitors. He hoped Lizzie’s newfound wealth would help her blend into upper-class society, but it was too late. The wealthy woman was doomed to spinsterhood, and he died in 1894.

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The investigation into the death of Lizzie Borden’s father also included local businessmen, neighbors, and family maid Bridget Sullivan. The investigation revealed that the two murderers had been influenced by their church membership. Further, the police refused to perform fingerprint testing on the murder weapon, as fingerprint tests are often not reliable. Lizzie’s family eventually inherited most of their father’s estate. They lived in Fall River, where Lizzie and Emma bought Maplecroft in 1894.

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The two sisters inherited a substantial portion of Andrew’s estate. Abby’s mother and two sisters inherited a portion of the estate from Andrew Borden, but the estate was divided among them. Their daughters inherited the rest. The siblings lived in Fall River, Massachusetts for nearly three decades. During that time, the Bordens were rich and influential. They were known for their philanthropy and their role in the American Revolution.

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